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A Little About Me

I can’t believe this is real life and I get to introduce myself and BUSINESS NAME. Though I currently live in Arvada, Colorado, I grew up in Westmoreland, Kansas and was the youngest of four children! My parents are as good as they come; they both worked outside of our home for most of their lives (my dad, a banker for 51 years at the exact same place, and my mom, a dental hygienist who worked two days per week to spend extra time with us) and were always at my games, supporting me in whatever I chose to do. I hit the parent jackpot and I promise I’m just as proud of them as they are of me. 

While a ton of my work ethic came from them, I owe a lot of it to my big brother who had a lawn mowing business in our small town of roughly 600 people. I’d always go with him to mow or help where I could, but I also babysat and made my own money too. When it was time for him to move on to college, I took the business over at 14 years old. You guys, I was running my own business at 14 years old; scheduling, invoicing, payments, mowing, you name it, I was doing it! That’s boss! My parents always told us that we had to earn what we had and thank goodness for that because when I turned 18, I had the option to buy my own car with my own money, or get whatever they had for me. Regardless, I had to pay for my own insurance which let me tell ya, is a great way to practice driving carefully. 

After High School at Rock Creek, I went to college at Kansas State and majored in kinesiology with a minor in business; but the class I absolutely loved was marketing. I loved everything about it, especially the statistics behind it and how measurable it actually is! After I graduated at K-State, I moved to Colorado, fell in love and settled in Arvada with my (now) husband. We started a family and are raising three boys who are perfect angels (I can hear you laughing) that I love more and more each day. In Colorado, I decided to go to ultrasound school and worked in health care for 12 years; in hindsight this was a great move because I started dabbling in website design when my husband started his own business and needed one. I got so many compliments after that, and my husband started referring me out! I loved the flexibility of it, but most of all I absolutely loved watching businesses grow because of the help I was giving them. 

If you asked me today who my ideal client would be, I’d have an answer for you in two seconds flat – I want to work with people who have a dream, a goal, a vision that I can help bring to life and see through. The people who have that little sparkle in their eye when they tell you where they want to take their business. That can look like a rebrand, it can look like elevating their online presence, or it can be starting from the ground up. I love businesses that want to grow and have the desire and the ambition to do it. Sound like you? Good, because I can’t wait to meet you.  

I had a client who was a one-woman show when we started; she was driven, and man did she have a vision, but she had no idea where to start. She wasn’t being found on google, she had zero online reputation, hardly any reviews, and had no idea what to do. We started growing and building those reviews, driving people to her website, building those customer reviews, and building that trust before most of these people had ever walked in her door. Now, she’s working with a full team of four people and has moved into a bigger space; she’s watching her dreams come true with what she wanted to build all along. That’s where it’s at for me. She can provide for her family better because of something I helped do. That’s why I love this so much and that’s just one example of many. It’s not just a business succeeding, it’s the humans behind the business that I love to see happy. 

If you’re reading this because you want to be on this crazy fun journey with me, welcome! If you’re reading this and wanting to know how I got here, I hope this helped explain that. A lot of hard work, a whole lot of dedication, and the drive to self-teach is why I’m here and why I’ll never leave. I love what I get to do. Sending analytics over to my clients at the end of the month and seeing their faces glow as they see their audience growing and growing is the most rewarding thing. I’m excited to have you on this ride with me, here we go! 

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