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Customer reviews

Review Marketing with Customer Reviews

92% of people trust a business more if it has positive reviews. Search engines will reward you with a higher SEO rank with constant stream of fresh, organic, and managed reviews. Our goal with review marketing services is to increase consumer knowledge and boost brand trust making them more likely to convert and decreasing your bounce rate. Be where your customer are, on their phone! Make it seamless and time efficient for them to take one minute to leave a review. One minute is all it takes for a customer to help propel your business above your competition.

o  Generate reviews on Google, Social Media Channels, among 150 other online review sources through customized email and/or text contact with customers

o Manage & Respond to reviews all on one platform

o  Promote positive reviews on social media

o Promote reviews from all platforms on your website with a customized widget

o Creation of a microsite with a compilation of company reviews from 250+ sites into one location boost brand awareness

o Consistent company information across 50+ Business Listings such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo to rank higher EVERYWHERE online

o Monthly Analysis Reports of your online performance vs your competitors

In one month of working with BlendWorks Digital Marketing, our reviews increased by 71%”

– Company A

“Based off our first month working with BlendWorks Digital Marketing, our annual projection for review generation is 110% increase”

Company B
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