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Email Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing: Maximizing Your Email Campaign’s Potential In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, email marketing continues to stand the test

Business Kickstart Marketing

Take Me To The Top Of Google

Take Me To The Top Of Google If you really want to get me nerding out on analytic talk, mention the word ‘Google’ to me.

Need a Website No Problem

Need a Website, No Problem!

Need a Website? No Problem! When I started BlendWorks, it wasn’t actually BlendWorks; it was a simple “I’m going to help my husband save some

Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing When you heard the word ‘outsourcing’ did you want to immediately roll your eyes to the back of your skull? Hang with

Why is BlendWorks Different

Why is BlendWorks Different?

Why is BlendWorks Different Imagine you’re a small business owner, a golf store owner. You are a PRO. You live, breathe, and eat golf (well,

Lisa Bengtson, BlendWorks Digital Marketing

A Little About Me

A Little About Me I can’t believe this is real life and I get to introduce myself and BUSINESS NAME. Though I currently live in

Website positions ranked

How Are Website Positions Ranked?​

How Are Website Positions Ranked There are various elements that contribute to a website’s ranking and success in digital marketing today. It simply does not

Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Important

Why Digital Marketing is Important? As the world continues to change day by day especially in the way in which business and marketing is conducted,