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Best Social Media Marketing Service

Social Media Services

BlendWorks is here to answer all those questions above and help navigate the best social media strategy that is right for your business. There is no black and white answers to the above. They vary for each business and each industry.

Social Media is the the modern-day billboard at a FRACTION of the cost. Social Media is an extremely affordable and effective form of Mass-Marketing that promotes your business without you having to be present. It can also help you create a following and stay in front of potential repeat customers and clients by keeping them up to date on your latest offerings and services. Ultimately, this method of marketing allows you to leverage your personal network and gain referrals without having to ask for them!

o  Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Youtube Channels

o Create a content strategy that is right for your business

o 3 Branded scheduled posts a week

o Manage content on Google my Business & BingPlaces

o Hashtag Research and Implementation

o  Advise on Paid Advertising Opportunities

o Create and Manage Ads – (Client sets budget and is charged for ad budget spent)

o  Content calendar populated by the 20th of the prior month to allow time for client to review

** Optional short stock video creation for an additional fee

How many times should I post a week?

Should all my social media handles be the same?

My customers are not on social media, why should I?

Should I be on as many social media platforms possible?

How do I increase my following?

What is the best type of content to post?

Will social media affect SEO?

I don’t personally use social media so I don’t know where to start?

What is the best time to post?

Do I have to respond or react to all comments?

Are Ads worth the money?

How many times should I post promotional ads vs other content?