BlendWorks Digital Marketing

BlendWorks Digital Marketing Mission & Branding Identity

Mission Statement

BlendWorks Digital Marketing serves our clients through Blending different forms of marketing so that their digital presence Works to acquire new clients that will ultimately help them grow. 

Branding Identity

BlendWorks was formed organically when a need was identified for small business owners to have affordable marketing services to attract customers/clients and maintain a competitive presence in their industry.

Early on it was uncovered through personal relationships that small businesses had the desire to Blend the different aspects of digital marketing and create a digital presence that would Work on their business’s behalf to attract new clients and customers. Despite this desire, these businesses did not have the time or expertise to master this digital marketing endeavor on their own. It was also identified that despite this desire, many of these businesses did not want to or could not afford to hire an employee and task them with the responsibility of promoting their business digitally. Thus, an opportunity presented itself where someone could offer these services at a price point that was profitable to BlendWorks and yet affordable to these business owners. This is the premise on which BlendWorks Digital Marketing was born.

Digitial Marketing Agency

The very first clients of BlendWorks were cultivated from personal relationships with business owners who took a chance that BlendWorks could deliver the type of results and experience that was conveyed to them. BlendWorks recognizes this trust and takes the success of their clients very personally. This is why we strive each and every day to cater to our client’s needs as if we were an employee or stakeholders of theirs with a vested interest in their success. In other words, we exist to serve and work for our clients to help them achieve the success they’re looking for.  

From day one it was established that to convey our gratitude for our client’s trust that EACH AND EVERY customer receives customer service that was second-to-none, responsiveness that they had never experienced from other marketing firms or vendors, passion for their endeavors as if BlendWorks was a stakeholder in their business, and results that were evident and undeniable.  Customer service, responsiveness, passion, and results are the pillars by which BlendWorks was built and provides the foundation for which BlendWorks will continue to grow. This is non-negotiable to be part of our team.

The combination of these deeply personal relationships with clients who have entrusted BlendWorks with a portion of their hard-earned revenue, and the four pillars (customer service, responsiveness, passion, results) by which we hold ourselves accountable, are what has made BlendWorks what it is today and what will continue to set it apart from competitors in the future. Further, this is what has led to a steady stream of referrals from current clients and in turn the growth of our business. These factors are vital as BlendWorks moves forward and something that would be the downfall of our business if we ever lose sight of our pillars.