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Importance of Acquiring Reviews
From Customer

We live in a world where your online business reputation can be one of your strongest assets or your biggest liability. Acquiring reviews from customers has always been a beneficial exercise for businesses all around the world, but today it is even more so.

Studies show that 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a good or service. Potential customers are actively searching the internet and turning to online review websites such as Google to gather more information about your product or service. 

Generate reviews to increase engagement online and drive traffic to your business.

Birdeye is an all-in-one automated platform that manages your online business reputation, generates new reviews, and enables you to interact with and attract new customers for your business. 

The top three benefits of collecting more customer reviews are the following:

  1. Increased customer trust.
  2. Improve the visibility of your business on websites such as Google which increases your search engine rankings. 
  3. Collect testimonials for you to use in your marketing strategy to guarantee success and customer satisfaction.

Today, customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. One way to guarantee a good rating on Google from a valued customer is to provide great customer service. By consistently receiving positive reviews every month, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways to generate even more business leads which will allow you to reach a wider audience and increase your sales. 

The power of Google behind every review

Get more customer reviews on Google by leveraging Birdeye’s direct integration with Google’s private API. 

Acquiring reviews for your business on multiple platforms is tremendously valuable, but special attention must be placed on Google. Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO is the process of improving quality traffic to your website which allows you to be found across various search engines by using keywords to gather more unpaid traffic. One of the most important factors for local SEO and strengthening your Google ranking is the quality and quantity of reviews generated for your business. In order for your business to have a higher ranking on Google, SEO combined with consistently positive reviews is the solution. 

Prioritizing reviews should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy for 2021 and moving forward. If your business stands out on Google, it allows you to get discovered repeatedly by new customers daily. Through positive feedback and reviews from your customers, you will gain better online visibility which will guarantee success and will lead you to exponential growth for your business. Birdeye provides online reputation management made easy. Monitor all of your reviews in one place and access your reviews for every location, from every source all in one dashboard. 

Turn competitive reviews into your competitive edge

Get new reviews, manage them, and promote them across the web for 1, 10, or 10,000 locations. All from one dashboard. 

With Google’s private API, we must take it one step further beyond just the volume and quality of reviews. In order for your business to be a competitive difference maker, the true power lies in reviewing data. Just like with SEO and Google ranking, having top keywords about your product or service written in your reviews will allow you to be discovered by new clients. 

To maximize the effect of your reviews, you can prompt your customers to leave a review following a direct link that you send to them through email or text message. Providing exceptional customer service, and responding to reviews in a positive manner, especially if you happen to receive a negative review will help your business strive and build your reputation. 

Birdeye is a powerful software that can help increase your business’s Google ranking through the generation of new reviews and by providing various other effective and convenient services. Receive discounted rates and customer support by signing up with BlendWorks Digital Marketing as compared to signing up with Birdeye directly.  If you want to start acquiring reviews from your customers, contact us today to get started!