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Social Media is An Investment Well Worth It – Here's Why

Have you ever heard the saying “you have to spend money to make money”? Or “you get out what you put in”? Cheesy as heck, right? Okay, a little. But also completely accurate when it comes to your own business, and here’s why. If you’re not willing to invest in your own business, then why would other people? Let me repeat it; if you’re not willing to invest in your own business, then why would other people?

Here’s the cool thing about social media, it’s trackable. What that means for you, is that you can visibly see (via analytics) your numbers rising, your followers increasing, your google search increasing, and more. You’ll suddenly think, wow, my phone has been ringing off the hook; what is going on? Then you’ll realize, holy moly, it’s my marketing strategy and social media! It’s working! And that is a good realization to have. You’ll start getting more meetings, leads, and conversations, which is what every business owner wants. 

Social Media Marketing

Let’s talk about a BlendWorks client who has been taking advantage of our services. Before hiring us and optimizing her site, she had a page two placement on a Google search (no one was going to find her on Google). Two months later, she was on the first page, her phones were ringing off the hook, her schedules were filled at the end of each day, and people were starting to leave her fantastic reviews! This is the fun part about my job and the jaw-dropping, moment for yours! It’s incredible to see numbers rise and eyeballs get big when my clients start to see those appointment slots filling up each day. We had a different client who climbed four Google positions in a weekend with our help! This will totally depend on how aggressive you want to be and how much you are willing to spend – all details we can discuss on an exploration call. 

Still, if you aren’t seeing your books being filled up or increased revenue, then I am not doing my job correctly. I use this same motto in my own business and focus on my reputation and optimization, which is great practice for you too! I have seen such an increase in true cold calls from Google, but please know that this doesn’t happen overnight. I have a fun analogy I like to use – think of climbing a mountain; if you’re starting halfway up the hill, you will get to the top faster. If you start from the bottom, you’ll take longer to get to the top. In other words, your success speed depends on a few things, including where you are now and what steps you’ve already taken.

Bottom line… now is the time! Sitting back and doing nothing will not propel you forward, it won’t do you any good. Don’t wait. Now is the time for strategy and doing things behind the scenes because when January hits, you want to sprint out of the start line, right? Hit the ground running. If you started making goals at the beginning of the year, you’ve lost an entire month to achieve them – do it now, start now. We will always be here waiting when you’re ready!