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The Importance of Social Media
Digital Marketing

Social Media today has a certain power over the business world, especially in regards to digital marketing. The entire globe connects to each other through the use of the internet and this impacts the lives of millions of people worldwide. By actively using various social media networks, this permits businesses and individuals to reach an inordinate amount of people within seconds. The active number of users on social media is nearly 60% of the world’s population as of today. 


There are approximately 3.8 billion people who use social media in the world, and predictions have been expected to grow that number to 4.4 billion by 2025. Social media platforms like: Instagram and Facebook, enable businesses including e-commerce businesses to connect their shop to their online profile which simplifies the sales funnel by enabling customers to make instant app purchases.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 2.8 billion active users each month. Today, users rely on the platform in order to stay on track with current world news, to watch video entertainment, stimulate brand awareness, and influence purchasing decisions. The evolution of Facebook has allowed businesses to strengthen their digital marketing and experts recommend you post at least three times a week or share your other content from various other social media platforms to your Facebook business page. Thus, allowing businesses to advertise and market all while gathering reviews by promoting content that engages customers to help build brand awareness.

Since 2010, Instagram has been one of the top social media platforms even more so today. Originally the platform was designed to share photos, but it has since adapted to the current world of digital marketing, including paid advertising. Currently, there are over 25 million business accounts on Instagram and over 1 billion monthly users worldwide.

You can connect your Instagram and Facebook business accounts which allow for easier access and sharing of posts across multiple platforms. With the current marketing dynamic and everything being digital and online, one post on social media can be shared across all of them that way you maximize your exposure greatly and reach the largest audience of customers.

Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter is free to use and is the ultimate platform for short content with just 280 characters to use to encourage concise messaging in seconds. There are on average 326 million monthly users worldwide. Twitter has the strongest winning formula where people consistently keep up with breaking news stories more than any other social media platform.

Twitter is especially beneficial for B2B (business to business) companies as studies show that on average 93% of users who follow a specific brand on twitter intend to purchase from them and around 67% of followers already have. Posts should be made very often, up to five times a day in order to maximize visibility without bombarding your followers.

Ever since its debut online, LinkedIn has been the premier social media platform for business minded individuals and companies. With 55 million companies currently on LinkedIn, likeminded business professional marketers are 96% of users on this platform. Having a strong and wide digital footprint this is ideal for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries by encouraging brand awareness and is highly cost effective for marketing your product, or service.

The most successful brands in today’s digital marketing have a strong social media presence. Maintaining an online presence through the utilization of social media for business acts as a gateway for search engines to value, credit, and rank your business higher which increases traffic and consumer loyalty. Other popular platforms like TikTok have become popular in today’s social media society but experts recommend that Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn be utilized fully in order to maximize profits and outreach for digital marketing purposes.

 Number of usersPosts per week or dayBusiness types
Facebook2.8 billion per monthAt least once per dayAll business types
Instagram1 billion per month5 to 7 times a weekE-commerce and all business types
Twitter300 millionUp to 5 times a dayAll business types
LinkedIn310 million per month3 to 4 times a weekAll kinds of businesses

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