BlendWorks Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

As the world continues to change day by day especially in the way in which business and marketing is conducted,
due to the rapid expansion of new technology, we are all living in the new digital era. This has led to the development of Digital Marketing, which has taken over the world. Research continues to show that the most effective way of marketing today is through online presence and by executing successful business practices.

BlendWorks Digital Marketing was initially developed out of the need for small business owners to have another
person whose work is focused primarily on marketing their business for them. As the wife of a small business owner, and working as a Marketing Director for her husband’s business Bengtson Wealth Management, Lisa discovered her true passion and drive for Digital Marketing. Lisa would like to help you and your business gain similar results based on her years of experience and by successfully contributing to the exponential growth and rapid acceleration of several other businesses. BlendWorks Digital Marketing allows the owner of any business to focus all of their attention on what they do best rather than be distracted or overwhelmed by all of the necessary components of today’s digital marketing.

BlendWorks Digital Marketing has very flexible and affordable prices for small businesses which have been designed to help grow and expand their current online digital presence by aiming to make their website more visible and appealing to customers. One of BlendWorks Digital Marketing’s main goals is to help other businesses reach the top five of Google search results in their specialty or business category. Did you know that the number one search result on Google receives 31.7% of all clicks? As mentioned on, the importance of Google ranking and getting into the top five search results is so crucial that the majority of the business’s revenue is gathered from Google’s website alone. Keeping up to date and staying on track with current trends in the technology world proves just how important it is to invest in Digital Marketing. Through demonstrating effective optimization for a website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and page speed, and by optimizing Google My Business profiles and by generating quality customer reviews, BlendWorks Digital Marketing helps to build and maintain strong relationships with each client and deliver profitable success for any business.

BlendWorks Digital Marketing is fully committed to elevating clients to new heights by incorporating the latest
marketing innovations and by conducting the most effective business practices to guarantee results. BlendWorks
Digital improves search results and increases ranking, as well as incorporates continuous new ways to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). BlendWorks Digital marketing has a proven record to help boost website ranking and web traffic, as well as assist with the business’s reputation and improve customer reviews which ultimately leads to an increase in sales and profit for any business.

BlendWorks Digital Marketing helps businesses gain exposure and visibility while continuing to please and satisfy their customers. BlendWorks Digital helps businesses stay in control of their customer feedback from various
channels which improves web traffic, sales, and the business’s reputation. By helping businesses gain exposure and visibility and by making sure that customers continue to remain fully satisfied, BlendWorks Digital helps businesses stay in control of their customer feedback from various channels. This allows businesses to improve their web traffic, reputation, and overall sales of the business. BlendWorks Digital Marketing focuses a heavy amount of attention on gaining exposure and online visibility across all platforms.

BlendWorks assists various businesses to strengthen their competitive edge and become exposed to new potential clients daily. BlendWorks gathers detailed monthly reports to demonstrate the business growth provided and allows you to measure the overall progress! Each client will receive a customized monthly report that covers the business goals for the month and a record of all that was worked on for that particular month. This is a very effective way to track your progress to understand the strengths and BlendWorks Digital will work on the areas that need a bit more improvement to further expand the business. Sign up today and get started working with BlendWorks Digital!